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VMStools R package page to analyse VMS and Logbook data

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What VMStools can do for you


Vmstools is an open-source software package build in R. It is specifically developed to process, analyse and visualize logbooks and VMS data.


Some of its functionality:


We've written many wiki's to help new users find their way around in VMStools. In addition, all functions embedded in VMStools also have a help-page that can be accessed from within R. You can find the wiki pages here.


You may download the pre-compiled VMStools package (and other useful information) here

Installing the VMStools package

Download the VMStools zip or rar file from the repository under the release tab or build it yourself from the repository. Please note that the VMStools package depends on a number of other R packages. They are listed in the DESCRIPTION file in vmstools/ of the repository. The packages VMStools depends on can easily be installed through:

Or manually
vmstoolsPackages <-  c("data.table","doBy","lubridate","sf","mixtools","segmented","ggplot2")

for(i in vmstoolsPackages)       try(install.packages(pkgs=i,repos=getOption("repos")))

#- Once you've installed all secondary packages install VMStools using 
install.packages("yourPath/") #put in the correct name for the vmstools zip file, e.g.
If you run Rstudio and run into trouble, please install VMStools first into Rgui and then restart Rstudio.

System Requirements

You will need the following software to use the VMStools software and repository.

Getting the Code for enthusiastic users / developers

Once you've got all the necessary bits and pieces, the next step is to fetch a "working copy" of the VMStools repository from the server. The SVN client that you have installed takes care of this. The general process is client specific, but generally involves two steps

  1. Create a directory for your working copy (e.g. Desktop/VMStools) and
  2. "Checking out" the repository.

To download the source code, checkout the repository from It will not be possible to commit your changes - however, contact us if you'd like to commit changes too.